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Stories of Italian cuisine, an endless, abstract mosaic made up of infinite shades of different colours, symbolic of all the cultures that have at some time called our peninsula their home.
The result is an amazing chaos that weaves similar and different cultures together, each of them firm in its roots and truly genuine, because cuisine is always alive!

Always changing, but always faithful to its origins and the story it has to tell. This is the origin of Mamì, born of a belief that the constant innovation of today will become the never-ending traditions of tomorrow.
It starts in the past and then adapts to the present to deliver the most natural and classic future of Italian cuisine.

Dining Concept

Every recipe has a story to tell. About a region, a city or a very special place in a hidden corner in Italy.

Our menu contains contemporary dishes that pay tribute to Italian traditions, enhancing their taste with modern influences to create intense, high-quality dining experiences presented in the most simple yet exciting way.

The superior-quality ingredients from the finest sources in the whole of Italy help create the mosaics, the landscapes and the culinary narrative of our cuisine. Ancient family recipes from every corner of Italy that serve as inspiration for a contemporary reinterpretation focused on beauty and wholesomeness.